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In the era of digital economy, the promoter of human civilization!

Ammpire Parallel Universe pioneers metaverse revolution

AMM is based on the real economy worth trillions in the real world, empowers the real economy with blockchain technology, introduces decentralized financial models such as DeFi and STO, uses GameFi as the entrance to explore the metaverse, and uses NFT as virtual and real Universal Confirmation Token, which is unique in human history to launch a "Parallel Universe" that combines reality and virtuality. The realization of the AMM parallel universe will not only effectively promote the progress of human civilization in the real world, but also ignite a bright light for the development of the digital economy in the next century. 

In order to achieve this great goal, Chairman Bin Yang, the founder of AMM, used the power of the country to take the lead in promulgating the "Implementation Plan for Building a Digital Economy Demonstration Zone in Sinuiju, North Korea", focusing on "how many characteristics" and realizing "multiple demonstrations", with "AMM" The "New Empire" construction plan is the starting point to build a global digital economy innovation highland, stand on the shoulders of giants, and take the lead in touching the next-generation digital economy.


AMM Parallel Universe is committed to creating a new metaverse ecology that blurs the boundaries between reality and virtuality, 

greatly promotes productivity, truly pushes the digital economy to a new dimension, 

and makes useful explorations for the progress of human civilization.

Sources of Value of AMM

Landing Launches on 2022

About Ammpire Parallel Universe

This world can exist forever and will not stop

Able to maintain real-time and synchronization with the real world, with all the shapes of the real world

Content in the virtual world can be created by any individual user or group user

It can accommodate people and things of any size, and anyone can enjoy

There are fully functioning economic systems that can support transactions, payments, income generation from labor and more

Digital assets, social relationships, items, etc. can all run through various virtual worlds, and can be converted between "virtual world" and "real world"


Yang Bin

Project Founder
Yang Bin was appointed by Kim Jong-il as the chief executive of Sinuiju, North Korea's first "capitalist" special zone, responsible for agricultural development in the Sinuiju Special Economic Zone, which borders China.

In October 2001, Yang Bin, the chairman of the Hong Kong-listed Eurasian Agricultural Group and a Dutch Chinese, was awarded the second place in the "Forbes China Rich List" in 2001 with a worth of 7.5 billion yuan; the Eurasian Agricultural Group he founded was elected as "Forbes". One of the 200 Best Small Companies in the World".

About Sinuiju

Sinuiju Special Administrative Region (Korean: 신의주특별행정구; English: Sinuiju Special Administrative Region) is a special administrative region of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. Located on the south bank of the Yalu River on the Sino-DPRK border in the northwestern part of North Korea,  it was originally a part of Sinuiju City. Before December 31, 2052, Sinuiju has independent land development, utilization and management rights.   The special economic zone has complete legislative, executive and judicial powers, and is like a political special zone, completely free from interference by the central government.   The special zone will build a wall to prevent ordinary North Koreans from entering the area. 

Governor of Sinuiju Special Administrative Region On September 24, 2002, at the swearing-in ceremony of the head of the Sinuiju Special Administrative Region of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea held at the Mansudae Assembly Hall in Pyongyang,North Korea, the chairman of the Supreme People's Assembly of the DPRK issued a decree, and the committee of the Supreme People's Assembly of the DPRK approved the appointment of Yang Bin. He is the head of the Sinuiju Special Administrative Region of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. Immediately, Yang Bin was issued an appointment letter and a work permit for the SAR chief. 

The best think tank in Sinuiju Yang Bin has the best think tank in the Asia-Pacific region. In addition to lawyers Lai Yingzhou and Luo Weijian who participated in the drafting of the Basic Laws of Hong Kong and Macau, there are three heavyweights in Yang Bin's team - Weng Yongxi, the former deputy director of the Central Agricultural Policy Research Office, who followed Yuan Geng. Qiao Shengli, who participated in the reform of Shekou, and Zhou Fangsheng, deputy director of the Comprehensive Department of the Ministry of Finance.


Zhou Fangsheng

Member Of Think Tank
Former Deputy Director of the Reform Bureau of the State Council of China

Weng Yongyi

Member Of Think Tank
Former Deputy Director of China Central Rural Policy Research Office

Qiao Shengli

Member Of Think Tank
Shenzhen Shekou Reform Pioneer

Audit Institution


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May 2022


Q 3 2022

Global first block chain infrastructure
Metaverse public chain launched

Mar 2023


Mar 2024


Feb 2025


About Ammpire NFT

Physical asset NFT

In the AMM parallel universe, each NFT, as a non-homogeneous token, is not only a virtual asset in the metaverse, but also a piece of land in the real world;

AMM parallel universe can help traditional physical assets "one-click on-chain", convert a physical asset with fixed value to NFT, and convert physical assets into reliable digital assets.

Publishers or certified merchants with corresponding qualifications can perform the NFT casting function in the AMM parallel universe, and ordinary users do not have the right to cast NFTs.

AMMAt each mine mining income transfer, it took 5% handling fee to enter the public destruction pool. Future All cast NFT burning AMMs entered the public destruction pool until they pass to 10 million.


All merchants participating in the construction of Sinuiju will have a virtual space in the AMM Metaverse; customers can fully understand and experience the product or service without being present in person, and complete the transaction in the experience hall of the Metaverse.

The experience hall is an important part of the AMM parallel universe. It is a virtual space integrating display, traffic and transaction. It connects new display space and business opportunities for high-quality physical assets, and moves traditional physical assets to online and blockchain. , synchronizing the virtual and real worlds. At the same time, it provides strategic support for digital curation and marketing, so that more real physical assets can be browsed, shared, and traded in the form of NFT, which resonates at the border of virtual entities.

AMM Parallel Universe and STO

As a new innovative investment and financing model based on blockchain, STO breaks traditional forms such as bank loans and private equity, and provides a more powerful operation for both issuers and investors. system. AMM launches STO based on real assets, which can tokenize a series of assets including real estate, private equity, derivatives, cash, art, etc., and introduce off-chain assets into the chain through securitization. 

More than 130 square kilometers of golden land in Sinuiju will be used as the subject matter for STO. At the same time, since the land in Sinuiju is an asset with both virtual and real attributes, with the help of STO on the chain, its essence will become a compliant equity token, which is the holding of NFT. The author solved the legal rights and interests of Sinuiju land NFT, and ensured the authenticity of the assets and their actual ownership. And allow more off-chain assets to be mapped into the blockchain in the form of on-chain NFTs to achieve the coordinated development of the two markets

virtual universe explorer
Trillion-level ecological construction




Legendary Road - Yang Bin in North Korea

Social Activity

Promoters of Human Civilization in the Digital Economy Era

The AMM universe will cover billions of people, carry trillions of dollars in digital business, and provide employment opportunities for millions of entrepreneurs and developers to share results with global participants. AMM will be the underlying foundation for connecting virtual and reality in the future. Combining AI, IoT, VR and AR technologies, AMM will play an important role in many scenarios such as acquiring information, transmitting information, remote communication, and simulating reality. AMM will go beyond what is possible, beyond distance and physical limitations, to a new future where everyone can be with each other, create new opportunities, and experience new things.

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